You have invested too much in your
property to just have it be managed.


With over 750,000 square feet under management and more than 10 years of construction background expertise, we work every day to guarantee property owners have peace of mind and tenants experience personalized service.

Steelbridge principals believe in strong, proactive management. We also believe in separating leasing from management, allowing us to counsel clients on the best leasing agents in an area, opposed to limiting a client to a defined leasing agent or agency. This allows our owners to benefit from the competitive efforts of multiple agents, surfacing multiple opportunities, which we recognize as a better formula for securing and retaining long term lease potential. It also allows us to strictly focus our attention on management and existing tenants 100% of the time.

Steelbridge Real Estate Services offers a wide range of property management services, including:

• Finance/Accounting
• Rent Collection
• Proactive and Reactive Maintenance/Repairs
• Expansions, Build Outs, and Improvements
• Experienced and Qualified Building Managers
• Parking Management
• After-Hour Emergency Call-In Service with Live Operators
• Bilingual Administrative Services (English/Spanish)

Value-Add Services

Steelbridge Real Estate Services has over 10 years of experience in construction and holds a general contractor (GC) license, which offers owners a unique and tangible advantage when in need of repairs, expansions or improvements to their properties. Our competitive bidding policy ensures price transparency and market negotiated pricing for any necessary or emergency work in the buildings, opposed to non-competitive, fee heavy, contracts.

We strongly believe that, as a management company working for an owner, we should strive to eliminate conflicts of interest. This means we don't own in-house service companies that benefit from the very business we negotiate on an owner's behalf.

Beyond our personalized customer service, our property managers are required to have a real estate or construction background with a personal ability to build relationships with tenants.